19 January 2019

European Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and IP addresses

Solidhost offers European VPS with up to 6 free IPs

For many people, two IP addresses are sufficient for their needs. This allows you to have dedicated nameservers and still host websites and
e-mail servers on the same IP addresses. Some people will need more than 2 IP addresses, this can be for a variety of reasons. Such as, Dedicated Nameservers for a reseller.
Sites requiring an SSL certificate or any other technical reason why a whole IP address is needed.

Our Windows or Linux European Starter VPS comes with 2 free IPs. Additional IPs can be leased for .50 euro cents a month, each. Justification is also required.
Our Windows or Linux European Business VPS entitles you to 4 IP addresses free of charge. However, only 2 are given out be default and justification is still required.
Our Windows or Linux European Enterprise VPS comes with 6 free IP addresses. Like our Business VPS, only 2 are given out by default. Justification is also required for these.

To order your European Virtual Private Server with no setup fee, please click here.