19 January 2019

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Burstable RAM

Solidhost offers European VPS with 1 Gb Burstable RAM

Burstable RAM is basically shared RAM amongst each VPS on the hardware node. It is divided equally among each VPS and is there for when each VPS needs it. In theory, you could use all of your burstable RAM (1024 MB) 100% of the time. However, if another users VPS requests the RAM, some will be taken from your VPS and made available to the other VPS. Burstable RAM stays the same for each Linux VPS. It is always set to 1024 MB.

In Windows, it is not possible to assign Burstable RAM. This makes it very important to adequately assess your needs. Running out of RAM, on a Windows VPS, could cause your VPS to crash and need a reboot.

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