21 February 2019

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SolidHost compliant with CISPE Code of Conduct

Data Protection Certification: SolidHost adheres to CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct.

New compliance mark establishes data protection standards and practices to protect customer data and comply with European law

SolidHost, a leader in Cloud Infrastructure Services, announced today its compliance with the CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct. The Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE), a coalition of cloud computing leaders serving millions of European customers have declared that over 30 services comply with the CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct. Cloud infrastructure services declared today are operated in datacenters located in the following European countries: Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, and The United Kingdom.

The purpose of the CISPE Code of Conduct is to help cloud customers ensure that their cloud infrastructure provider is using appropriate data protection standards to protect their data consistent with Europe's current Data Protection Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR') that will come into force in May 2018. Cloud providers adhering to the Code must give customers the choice to store and process their data entirely within the European Economic Area. Providers must also commit that they will not access or use their customers' data for their own purposes, including, in particular, for the purposes of data mining, profiling or direct marketing.

The CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct provides a data protection compliance framework that makes it easier for customers to assess whether cloud infrastructure services being offered by a particular provider are suitable for the processing of personal data they wish to perform and for them to comply with their current obligations and those coming under the GDPR. Its purpose is to facilitate the proper application of the new European rules on data protection from the GDPR. CISPE members share the GDPR's objectives of strengthening citizens' fundamental rights in the digital age and are therefore proactively outlining best practices ahead of the GDPR coming into force next year.

"The CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct is a responsible joint undertaking from representatives of a key economic enabler for Europe, the cloud infrastructure services industry, to anticipate the application of the GDPR" said Michal Boni, Member of the European Parliament. "It is crucial and important that cloud services must offer security and reliability commensurate to the increased risks flowing from the concentration of data. Europe should take the lead in promoting standards and specifications supporting privacy-friendly, reliable, highly interoperable, secure and energy-efficient cloud services, as an integral part of the European Cloud Initiative. Reliability, security and protection of data are needed for consumer confidence and competitiveness."

The Code can be used as a tool by customers in Europe to assess if a particular cloud infrastructure service provides appropriate safeguards for the processing they wish to perform.

"Infrastructure-as-a-Service players joining forces in CISPE, along with its Code of Conduct, is a great leap for the evolution of the Internet as a whole. We consider it very important to respect the original values of the Internet, which initially started out as an open, collaborative effort" said Andre van Vliet, CEO of SolidHost . "Ultimately we all rely on trust and security, and we need to continuously strive to grow in that direction. The CISPE Code is a great enabler to make this happen."

Press Release: https://www.solidhost.com/press/CISPE.pdf

14 February 2017, 8:00