21 February 2019

Service Level: Pro-active Support

On top of the existing "Fully Managed" service level, SolidHost is now also offering pro-active support. This service level includes all features of our full management, combined with advanced monitoring and pro-active support.

  • Advanced Monitoring
    SolidHost utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring systems to keep track of all aspects of our network and servers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of any anomaly, our on-site engineers are notified about the problem immediately, so they can take corrective action.

    If you choose for our Pro-active Support Serice Level, your server or VPS will not only be monitored for uptime, but also the following sensors will be installed:

    • Server load / CPU utilizatios
    • Number of processes
    • Bandwidth usage
    • Memory and Swap usage
    • Number of TCP connections
    • Number of MySQL queries
    • Harddisk usage
    • Mail Queue
    • Status of all system services

Pro-Active Support

Whenever any of the above sensors exceed a certain treshold, or when any of the system services are unavailable, our on-site engineers are notified immediately. Unlike most of our competitors, we don't just take action when your server or VPS has become unreachable, but also when any sign of a (potential) problem has been detected.

  • Pro-active Support
    Pro-active is the opposite of re-active. By default, all our servers and VPS's come with full-management, which is re-active. This means you would have to open a support ticket, and then one of our engineers will assist you. With pro-active support it works the other way around: when our monitoring system detects any anomaly on your VPS or server, our engineers will investigate the (possible) problem immediately and notify you. This means you won't have to worry about a thing.

    Please do note that if you have a dedicated server, we would need to have the root (or administrator) password on-file. Needless to say we will always report to you whenever we login to your server, even when no action needs to be taken on the server.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I choose for this service level, would I still be able to access my server as root/administrator?
    Yes. In order to maximize your flexibility, you will still be able to access your server as root/administrator without asking us.

  • Is this service level included for free?
    No, this service level costs €19.95 per month.

  • I am running some unusual services, will you be able to monitor those too?
    Absolutely, we can monitor anything. We will adjust our sensors to your needs, without additional costs.

  • Would I be able to get the advanced monitoring solution, without taking advantage of the pro-active support?
    Yes, but please note that this wouldn't change the price.

  • I would like to order this service level, how do I do that?
    You can select this service level as an option during the order process of your VPS or Dedicated Server. If you are an existing customer and you would like to add this service level to your server or VPS, please contact sales@solidhost.com.