21 February 2019


SolidHost enables you to benefit from our well established and stable infrastructure, by offering the oppurtunity to resell our products to your own customers. As a reseller, you can integrate our products along with your existing core business - whether that be webdesign, e-commerce, shared hosting, or anything else. Some of our customers have even started their business from scratch by reselling our products, and now have several hundreds of customers themselves.




  • Discounts
    As a reseller, you will receive percentual discounts on all of our products (unless specifically stated otherwise). The amount of discount depends on the volume, commitment and loyalty of your partnership. The amount of discount we provide to our partners will not be advertised publicly, in order to protect our partners.

  • White-label
    All our products are white-labeled, meaning that your customers will not be able to see that you are reselling our products. This enables you to present your products to your customers as if you host each server in your own datacenter.

  • No initial investments
    By being a reseller, you will have the ability to offer enterprise class services and technologies, without having to deal with any of the initial investments. Just think of the amount of money you would otherwise have to spend simply to buy servers, networking gear, server racks, staff facilities, and so on.

  • Account manager
    We will assign a dedicated account manager to you, who will be aware of the ins and outs of your business, which enables us to adjust to your specific needs. Since the account manager is aware of your situation, he will be able to assist you in a very efficient manner if you ever need a customized solution, which will help you to push more sales.

  • Marketing assistance
    Depending on the volume of your sales, we may be able to occasionally work out an exclusive offer, which you can use as promotional material to boost your sales.

  • Online control panel
    You will receive access to our online control panel, in which you can view all your clients' accounts, detailed statistics about their usage, and much more. *Note that this feature is currently still in active development, although this will not influence the usability of your account at all.

  • Commitments
    There are no minimum commitments!


The reseller program is available to all SolidHost customers, without limitations. A discount may apply on all purchases beyond your first account. Reseller discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers, unless specifically stated otherwise.

How to apply

To apply for the reseller program, please contact resellers@solidhost.com. Our reseller department will be able to answer any questions you may have, and can setup your reseller ID for you directly. Please note that we cannot setup your reseller ID until you have placed your first order with us, as no discount will apply on the first order.