21 February 2019

Managed Web Hosting

Solidhost offers Managed Web Hosting with a free control panel and no setup fee

SolidHost itself doesn't offer managed web hosting. We feel it would be wrong to compete with our own clients for Fully Managed Hosting. Many peoples needs have outgrown managed hosting and these are the customers we are trying to attract. The main reasons people feel the need to upgrade from managed web hosting to managed VPS hosting is that they have outgrown their managed environment and they had to upgrade to prevent slow down. This can be a worrying time, suddenly being forced to manage a VPS, or in some cases even a Dedicated Server, can be a daunting experience. SolidHost makes the transition as easy as we possibly can. We will assist you with transferring your websites from your managed environment to a Linux VPS, Windows VPS or Dedicated Server. This is done at no additional cost and it is something we encourage our new clients to take full advantage of. We can also assist you with installing any custom software you may need. If you are unsure about what requirements you have, please open a sales ticket with sales@solidhost.com and we will give you impartial advice. If we feel that you don't need one of our Fully Managed Linux VPS, we will happily refer you to one of our many clients that can offer you fully managed managed hosting. This can also be of benefit if you require communication in your own native language. We have clients from all over Europe successfully selling web hosting from both our Managed VPS services and our Managed Dedicated Servers. If you would like to be put in touch with one of these companies, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@solidhost.com.