21 February 2019

Linux VPS "Business"

Fully Managed Linux VPS With 20 Gb Hard Drive Space, 300 Gb Bandwidth And 384 Guaranteed RAM

Hard Drive Space

Our fully managed Starter VPS comes with 20 Gb Hard Drive Space. Enough Space to host hundreds of websites and databases. The Hard Drive Space provided is backed up by a redundant Raidsystem which each of our servers is using. More information can be found at "How does a VPS work".


With 300 GB of bandwidth, our Starter VPS is more than enough for most peoples needs. Our network is fully redundant with 6 backbone providers. Our current network consists of a gigabit (1000 mbit) connections to KPN, AboveNet, Cogent, Teleglobe, Interoute, Deutsche Telekom AG (T-mobile) and multiple gigabit uplinks to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, Netherlands Internet Exchange and Groningen Internet Exchange.

Guaranteed RAM

When looking at our VPS packages you will notice two different types of RAM mentioned. Guaranteed RAM is basically the RAM that will be available to you at all times, no matter what happens on the hardware node. Burstable RAM is there to help your VPS cope with peak busy periods. It is not meant to be relied on for the majority of the time and is not always available. For a full definition of both Guaranteed RAM and Burstable RAM, please visit Support Forums for Virtual Private Servers / VPS  


For just €19.95 a month, Pro-active support can be added to your VPS service. SolidHost utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring systems to keep track of all aspects of our network and servers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of any anomaly, our on-site engineers are notified about the problem immediately, so they can take corrective action. For a full list of features, please visit our fast and reliable pro-active support.


Solidhost offers reliable Virtual Private Servers at affordable prices. Our Linux VPS "Business" costs 59 Euro monthly. As for all Solidhost VPS there is no setup fee.

For ordering your own virtual private server, please click here.