19 January 2019

DirectAdmin VPS

Solidhost offers DirectAdmin VPS with no setup fee

A DirectAdmin VPS is mainly suited for people with a good working knowledge of Linux and it's applications. The main benefit of a DirectAdmin VPS is the ability to upgrade certain software without
breaking the control panel, it is probably the most customizable of all the control panels we offer. A DirectAdmin VPS is not as feature rich as Plesk and cPanel but it makes up for this in it's light resource usage
and stability. Installatron is also available on a DirectAdmin VPS, this will allow you to install many scripts, both pre-installed and customized, for your clients needs.

Below you find our Linux VPS products with all the features a DirectAdmin VPS should have. All DirectAdmin VPS are fully managed and come with no setup fee.

  Fully Managed Linux VPS With 10 Gb Hard Drive Space, 200 Gb Bandwidth And 256 Guaranteed RAM Fully Managed Linux VPS With 20 Gb Hard Drive Space, 300 Gb Bandwidth And 384 Guaranteed RAM Fully Managed Linux VPS With 30 Gb Hard Drive Space, 400 Gb Bandwidth And 512 Guaranteed RAM  
Hard Drive Space 10 GB
20 GB
30 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 200 GB
300 GB
400 GB
Guaranteed RAM 256 MB
384 MB 512 MB
Burstable RAM 1 GB
1 GB
1 GB
Virtuozzo Power Panel
Linux VPS Linux VPS Cheap Linux VPS
Control Panel
Optional Optional
IP addresses 2 4 6
Full Root Access
Europe Linux VPS Linux VPS Amsterdam Linux VPS
Fully Managed Managed Linux VPS Linux VPS no setup fee VPS without setup fee
24/7 Premium Support Linux VPS Linux VPS Virtual Private Servers European Linux VPS with no setup fee
Redundant Hotswap Servers
Europe Linux VPS without setup fee Cheap and reliable Linux VPS Linux VPS with control panel
Hardware RAID 10 Storage
Free Linux VPS Control Panel Linux VPS Linux VPS fully managed
Uptime Guarantee
99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Setup Fee
Free! Free! Free!

Monthly Price
€ 39/mo € 59/mo
€ 79/mo

Annual-Paid Discount
2 months free!
2 months free! 2 months free!
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